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I am missing it badly and have been looking for it online. The suite includes e-mail, instant messaging, photo sharing, blogging, and parental control software. So, as of January last year the Windows Essentials Suite is no longer available for download, but thankfully you can still have it. You can now get the archived copy of the Windows Essentials Suite. While it is not really like the actual suite and some of the programs here might not work on your current version of Windows 10, but still, some of the major ones like Windows Movie Maker, Windows Photo Viewer work fine as before.

Sep 12, - Windows Live Essentials is a free Microsoft-developed suite that bundles instant messaging, email, blogging, and photo management. We're. Windows Essentials (Windows), free and safe download. Windows Essentials latest version: Microsoft's essential apps to get you started. May 16, - If you want to download and install Windows Essentials on Windows 10, here is a fresh guide on how to do it. This is a suite of tools including.

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Windows Live Essentials 1. Cons Not user friendly and live mail is just too complicated to use. Summary This product is supposed to be made for Windows user but it puts Windows products to shame. I have never got on well with Windows Live messenger,the video never worked and I tried it again a few days ago and nothing has changed since I lat tried it,3 months ago.

I could not make any live video or voice calls as it would not let me. It would not even let me send my contact an invite to chat. So the video messenger was useless to me. Windows live mail I cannot figure out how to use it. It asks you for your outgoing server address,. How do I know that? And then it asks for incoming server address. Well most people would not know that anyway and there was no way i could find out the info Windows live mail was asking for.

Why use W. Windows Live Writer did not work. So I uninstalled the whole thing. I use Aim Messenger and this works without any problems.

But on W. Live you have to wait for an invite,and i did and my friend sent me an invite. But still it would not let us chat. So now if I need to talk to any one on Windows live we just use Meebo the web messenger,which lets you call anybody with no problems. Andrea Borman.

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