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Updated July 5, , Guides assert that you should try to avoid unnecessary wear on the SSD by minimizing the amount of writes. Tech Report ran an month-long stress test where they wrote as much data to SSDs as possible to see when they failed. The fact that the Pro exceeded 2. At 2 PB, you could write GB a day to the drive every single day for over 54 years before the drive failed. And for extremely heavy use—for example, database servers—an SSD might not be up to snuff.

But Windows already knows this, too: Either way, SuperFetch is disabled automatically. If an SSD is sufficiently overprovisioned, it may not even be possible to slow it down by filling it up with data. Disable System Restore: You could do this— Windows 10 seems to automatically disable System Restore on some computers, anyway. Also, System Restore is a remarkably useful feature.

Turn Off the Page File: Windows automatically manages the size of your page file. Disable Hibernation: Yes, an SSD can boot up fast, but hibernation allows you to save all your open programs and documents without using any power. In fact, if anything, SSDs make hibernation better. Disable Indexing or the Windows Search Service: Some guides say you should disable search indexing—a feature that makes search work faster.

They claim that, with an SSD, search is already fast enough. Indexing builds a list of the files on your drive and looks inside your documents so you can perform instant full-text search. With indexing enabled, you can search and almost instantly find any file on your PC. With indexing disabled, Windows will have to crawl your entire drive and look inside files—that still takes some time and CPU resources.

If you disable this feature, you could lose data in the case of a power failure. Stay away from this option. Windows 10 enables this by default, as does Windows 8. Disable Superfetch and Prefetch: This is rare, however. It hides the Windows boot logo during the startup process. At best, this may make Windows boot a fraction of a second faster. If you have multiple versions of Windows installed and you see a menu listing them each time you boot, you can disable that menu to save yourself boot time.

And, if you do have multiple operating systems installed, you might want the menu. In short: Trust Windows. If you do want to make your Windows 10 PC boot faster , use the Startup tab in the Task Manager to disable unnecessary startup program.

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The best way to make your computer feel like new CNET editor Dong Ngo shows how you can replace your computer's hard drive with a solid-state drive and be significantly happier with your life. July 15, 5: Watch this: This post was originally published on March 13, , and is periodically updated. If your new Windows 10 computer takes a long time to boot up, that's likely because it runs on a regular hard drive. This is also the case of most older computers.


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