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what requirements for windows 10

Install Docker Desktop on Windows Estimated reading time: What to know before you install System Requirements Windows 10 bit: Pro, Enterprise, or Education Build or later. Hyper-V and Containers Windows features must be enabled. The following hardware prerequisites are required to successfully run Client Hyper-V on Windows For more information, see Virtualization.

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June 04, - 41 comments Starting with Windows 10 version , Windows 10 has a minimum storage requirement of 32 Gigabytes on the desktop. Whether a device may run Windows 10 is determined by its hardware. Microsoft maintains a list of minimum hardware requirements for Windows 10 that defines certain types of hardware components or requirements that Windows 10 devices need to support. The company notes that devices need to meet these requirements to boot and run Windows 10, update and service the operating system, and provide a "baseline user experience". Microsoft clarified that the new storage requirements apply only to OEMs and new devices, and not to existing devices that run Windows

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