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what are the different versions of ms office

This is a history of Microsoft Office and its versions. This table only includes final releases and .. Three traditional editions of Office were released for Mac: Home & Student: This retail suite includes the core applications only.‎Office versions · ‎Microsoft Office · ‎Microsoft Office · ‎Microsoft Office Select the Microsoft Office product that is right for your home or business. One-time purchase for 1 PC or Mac; Classic versions of Word, Excel. The standard version of Microsoft Office brings you the 3 core apps, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, plus you get Outlook and Publisher. This can be looked at as an extended version of Office Home and Business.

Evaluate Weigh the pros and cons of technologies, products and projects you are considering. Choosing between Microsoft Office versions Choosing between Office versions may seem like a simple choice, but don't jump to conclusions: Consider functionality, operational consistency and cost.

Share this item with your network: By Published: When making this choice, there are three major factors to consider: In the past, an organization might choose between a standard edition of Office and a professional one, but the core products remained largely consistent between those versions.

Office adds another variable, however. On top of the assorted editions, shops can choose the mobile or desktop version of the productivity suite, or both. Desktop administrators might think picking between the desktop and mobile Office versions is a no-brainer: If workers use desktops, they need the desktop version, right? Not so fast -- most Windows 10 devices can run either.

There are differences between the mobile and desktop versions, but if employees work from a mix of desktops and mobile devices, it might not make sense to deliver two versions when one will do. Knowing the differences between the desktop and mobile versions of Microsoft Office can help ease that decision.

How does the functionality of Office versions differ? Microsoft had no choice but to produce a compelling version of Office Mobile users could work with. Until somewhat recently, most workers used Office on desktop and laptop computers. Office could run on mobile devices, but the user experience was somewhat lacking -- except on Surface tablets.

The buttons at the bottom of the screen provide access to very basic formatting tools and to document comments, but this version of Word Mobile is almost unrecognizable compared to the desktop version. When Microsoft created this version of Word Mobile, the ability to open and edit Office documents on a smartphone was a bonus, not a requirement. Today of course, users tend to work from a variety of devices, including tablets and phones; not just PCs.

Microsoft had to produce a compelling version of Office Mobile that offered a good user experience. Even so, creating a mobile version of Office identical to the desktop version wasn't an option either.

Device capacity and screen size issues make such an app impractical. Microsoft had to strike a balance between features and practicality.

The end result could be described as Office lite. The mobile version of Office contains fewer features than the desktop version, but it's touch optimized and specifically designed to meet mobile users' unique needs. Word Mobile above has a much simpler and cleaner layout than the desktop version below , but it's not nearly as feature rich.

Microsoft included many of the features users work with most often, but some commonly used features don't exist in Word Mobile. For example, Word Mobile does not display a document's page and word count at the bottom of the screen like the desktop version does.

Consistency Some organizations have found that because users work from so many different device types, deploying Office Mobile on all devices is best. It offers a better and more consistent experience than running the desktop version of Office on some devices, and the mobile version on others.

Cost Some people recommend using Office Mobile on Windows devices because the software is free. Although the Office Mobile apps are technically free, there are caveats. For desktops, laptops and large tablets, the Office apps are really just document viewers unless the user has an Office subscription. Clearly the desktop and mobile Office versions have major differences.

The desktop version provides a greater degree of functionality than the mobile version, but consumes more system resources and is not optimized for touch screen device use. Next Steps.

Feb 21, - The days when you could just 'buy' the latest version of Office are long Microsoft Office: Why are there so many different versions and do you. WINDOWS VERSIONS OF MICROSOFT OFFICE with other applications, and Microsoft's SharePoint portal turned Office into a groupware system administered. Compare Microsoft Office features for PC and Mac on the official Microsoft Store. Look at Office Home and Business versus Professional editions.

What Are The Different Versions Of Ms Office

Install and use different versions of Office on the same PC - Microsoft Office

Updated November 12, people found this article helpful Microsoft Office is a collection of office-related applications. Each application serves a unique purpose and offers a specific service to its users. Microsoft PowerPoint is used to create presentations. Microsoft Outlook is used to manage email and calendars.

There are others as well. Because there are so many applications to choose from, and because not every user needs all of them, Microsoft groups the applications together in collections called suites. What Is Microsoft Office ? Microsoft The latest version of Microsoft Office is called Microsoft Office , although the web-based Microsoft Office is the version that Microsoft would prefer users to adopt.

Various versions of the suite have been around since , including but not limited to Microsoft Office Professional, Microsoft Office Home and Student, and various collections of Microsoft Office Most people still refer to any version of the suite as Microsoft Office though, which makes distinguishing among editions difficult. Office was a one-time purchase, just as other editions were, and as Office is.

For example, it would be nearly impossible to write a book using only Microsoft WordPad, the word processing app that is included free with all editions of Windows. But it would certainly be feasible to write a book with Microsoft Word, which offers many more features.

Businesses also use Microsoft Office. The apps included in the business suites include those that can be used to manage large databases of users, perform advanced spreadsheet calculations, and create powerful and exciting presentations, complete with music and video. Microsoft claims that over a billion people use their Office products.

The Office suite is used all over the world. You can also install MS Office on tablets though, and if the tablet can function as a computer, like the Microsoft Surface Pro, you can still get access to all of the features from there. Apps for Android are available from Google Play. Business Suites have specific combinations as well and include Publisher and Access. If you take a look at the list above you can imagine how many combinations of apps can be used together.

For instance, you can write a document in Word and save it to the cloud using OneDrive. You can import contacts from Outlook to Excel to create a spreadsheet of the people you know, their names, addresses, and so on.

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