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The 4GB Windows 10 file will now download on your Mac. Just enter an email address and create a password or you can sign-up with a Google or Facebook account. Parallels may then ask you some questions about your Windows setup. For the purposes of Microsoft Project, the best option is Productivity. Select a location on your Mac hard drive to install Parallels and give it a name e. The Windows setup wizard will then start just as if you were installing Windows on a PC for the first time.

Simply select the language settings that are appropriate for you. When prompted whether to perform an Upgrade or Custom install select Custom. Windows will then take some time to set up and install on your Mac. After several minutes, Windows will be installed on your Mac. This is actually the most tricky part due to Microsoft confusing distribution platform and versions of Project nowadays.

Microsoft now offers two different versions of Project — the traditional standalone Microsoft Project desktop version and an online Office integrated subscription version called Project Online.

Note that these standalone versions of MS Project do not work with either Office or Office If you choose the Office method, skip to step 10 below.

If prompted, make sure you install the 64 bit version of MS Office and not the 32 bit version for older versions of Windows. The Microsoft Office installation will then begin. Select Add next to the Project Online plan that you want, and follow the instructions.

You can create project schedules, Gantt charts and access Project Server just like a Windows user can. The great thing about Parallels is that you can switch back to macOS at any time without rebooting or shutting down.

You thus get the best of both worlds — MS Project running on your Mac while being able to access all if your Mac applications and documents whenever you want. There are other ways of running Windows on a Mac most notably by using Boot Camp but Parallels is by far the easiest to setup and use and the most frequently updated when new versions of Windows are released. Parallels will even allow you to choose whether you want to stay exclusively in a Windows environment or mix and match a bit.

For example, if you receive an Excel or Word file, it will allow you to open it in Excel for Mac or Word for Mac rather than in Windows. The general experience is very seamless working between Windows and macOS including exchanging of files and dragging and dropping documents. If you have any problems installing Microsoft Project on your Mac, let us know in the comments below. Unless I'm missing something, there doesn't seem to be a way to have the entire entry viewable.

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Many Project Managers that switch to Mac get a nasty surprise when they realize Professional ($30 per month) and Project Online Premium ($55 per month). Buy Microsoft Project Professional 64 bit Parallels on Macs ever since Adobe killed off FrameMaker on the resolutions that can be seen by the way. You'll need to install Windows on your Mac either via Boot Camp or a virtual solution such as Parallels, VMWare Fusion or Virtual Box.

Project professional for mac

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