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Perspective on this Review Pinnacle Studio is a video editing software package that runs in Windows. In or thereabouts, Avid, primarily a maker of high-end video software and hardware, bought up Pinnacle Systems, and created Avid Studio as a prosumer product -- incorporating many of the features of Pinnacle Studio software. Avid more recently sold the product to Corel, which did some additional work on it and renamed it Pinnacle Studio I'm using the version with the most bells and whistles: Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate. Less-expensive Pinnacle products work essentially the same but are missing some features -- mostly, add-on effects; the least expensive does not support keyframing, so you can only have static effects such as pans and zooms. You may compare the newest versions of the newest release, Pinnacle Studio v. There's a big difference, both in performance and in the user interface, between releases up through v. Still, many commands are the same. This makes transition to the newer version easier.

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Versions[ edit ] Since version 9, Studio has been sold in several editions: Studio, [4] Studio Plus [5] and Studio Ultimate, [6] all of which are commercial software. There is some additional functionality in the Plus and Ultimate editions, notably a second video track. Studio 10[ edit ] Studio 10 and Studio 10 Plus were released on the 17 August While retaining the same user interface as Studio 9, the code base was taken from Liquid Edition, now called Avid Liquid. The standard version of Studio 10 has fewer features than the standard version of Studio 9, but Studio 10 Plus offers further enhancements including HD editing. Version Vista compatibility was added in version Studio 11[ edit ] Studio 11 was released in June It features three versions:

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