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Does your macro need to get some input from a The capabilities of Microsoft Excel are astounding, and it always seems there is something new to learn that will help you tweek your data in new and exciting ways. Because Excel can do so much, it helps to discover what others are doing with the program and get real, "hands-on" information about things you can do. That's where ExcelRibbon. Net comes into play. The tips and ideas you find here are designed specifically for users of Excel , Excel , Excel , Excel , Excel , and the version of Excel provided with Office You'll find just about everything you need to become productive with the program right away.

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10 Most Useful Microsoft Excel Tips

Under the Main tab, select to activate the Developer box. Click OK. Now, click the new Developer tab at the top of the Excel ribbon. After that, click the Record Macro button. Now, name the macro and choose a shortcut for it. You can also add a description to make things easier for you in the future.

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