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Corel acquired the application in and launched it as Corel Ventura. Released in , Corel Ventura 10 is the latest version of this application. This page layout package was great for preparing general and technical documentation, textbooks, manuals and a lot of other things. Corel Ventura. Ventura Publisher was the first major typesetting program to incorporate the concept of an implicit "underlying page" frame, and one of the first to incorporate a strong " style sheet " concept. It produced documents with a high degree of internal consistency, Developer(s): Corel. Oct 16,  · Corel Ventura ( Corel Ventura 10 is a desktop publishing tool that answers any requirements of publishing industry. If you need powerful publishing tools and high quality professional results, this excellent software will offer it. Corel Ventura has high productivity and easy to use. It has exceptional Internet integration and wide 4/5(23).

Despite a loyal user base and backing by new owner Corel, the product has increasingly lost ground to other DTP packages over the years. But with Ventura For readers unfamiliar with the program, here is a quick run-down. Ventura is a page layout package intended primarily for business publishing.

Despite enjoying certain graphics tools nabbed from the CorelDraw engine, such as Bezier vector editing and special object fill styles, its strongest features concern the management of long documents with complex indexes, footnotes and so on.

It is ideal for preparing textbooks, manuals and general technical documentation, favouring production management over freeform graphic design.

Now, with version This means Ventura can now join the big league where text and graphics are tagged up and stored in XML databases ready for simultaneous publishing to print, Web and electronic publications.

However, it is a one-way process. Ventura This is all built-in: You can also optimise the PDFs for print production, embedding page bleed marks and so on, and bring PDFs into your layouts as individual graphics.

Of course, certain aspects of PDF 1. Another missing feature, which would have been extremely useful, is the ability to assign encryption to protect exported PDFs from being changed without permission. This is essential for all commercial publishers of electronic documentation. Very much in Ventura This is an enormous time-saver, especially if you are about to sign off a page manual based on multiple chapter files.

The preflighter appears as a tab in the Publish To PDF and Print dialogue windows, alerting you to common issues, such as missing fonts, picture problems, page irregularities and so on. The list of checks is not comprehensive, but our output tests showed that documents passed by Ventura This means you can import or manually set up tabular data, then apply a table tag for immediate top-to-bottom styling for the entire object.

Ventura tables also sport highly valuable real-world formatting features, such as slanted top rows and, unlike QuarkXPress, allows you to hide row and column lines completely. Less obviously useful, although still impressive, is the way you can now apply filter effects to placed bitmap images directly in your pages. No commercial publisher in their right mind would trust these on-page filters in preference to editing the original image in Photoshop.

Perhaps it is intended as a bit of fun and for convenience in more mundane projects, such as in-house publications or electronic documents not intended for print. Beyond these new functions, there are many existing features in Ventura Corel must now demonstrate an appreciation of the kind of user Ventura Ponytailed graphic designers will probably hate its regimented approach to column layout and lack of support for transparency or OpenType fonts.

Everyday users might be confused by the extensive functionality. But project managers, production staff and technical editors will like its powerful control over complex content. For the publisher of meaty content, Ventura Corel Ventura Its renowned handling of long and complex documents is now boosted with better PostScript support, built-in PDF and Web output, more prepress features, and integration with XML databases.

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Ventura Publisher References in periodicals archive? Los productos que comprende el CLL son: Mas negocio para el canal has announced the availability of Corel Ventura 10, a comprehensive page-layout and publishing application. Corel Ventura 10 provides tools that are designed specifically for the creation and publishing of highly formatted and visually rich business documents. Corel releases Corel Ventura 10, announces XyEnterprise partnership.


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