After effects cs 6 at low price

After effects cs 6

Whatsapp Digg Linkedin Reddit Stumbleupon Delicious Tumblr By Jeff Foster Adobe has addressed many user requests in the release of After Effects CS6 and provided several powerful features to help motion graphics designers and filmmakers produce better content without needing to rely on a lot of third-party plug-ins or apps. The totally revamped 3D environment now includes bendable footage and comps and extrusions for text and vector shapes — all integrated into an interactive raytracing environment where the various 3D layers truly interact with each other.

Built on top of major performance enhancements and caching features, makes After Effects CS6 a must-have update. While the effect is applied directly to the footage layer, it can reduce the effect greatly but may require some additional tweaking and keyframing to control the amount of correction on certain footage. Adding keyframes to the Rolling Shutter Repair effect on the Timeline can control the amount of correction exactly where you need it in your footage clip Adjustable Mask Edge Feathering The new Mask Feather Tool located in the Pen Tool drop-down palette in After Effects CS6 allows you to select specific points along the edge of your mask to adjust the amount and direction of the feathering you need.

This eliminates the necessity to build multiple masks that have to be tracked or modified over time, and instead you can concentrate on one adjustable edge mask around objects you intend to roto. You can select existing Vertices along the path with the Mask Feather Tool and add an adjustment handle between the selected point to create a soft transition, or select several points to confine your adjustments to specific regions.

And of course all of the Mask Feather Tool points are keyframable along the Timeline. Using the Mask Feather Tool along the mask path gives you detailed control over edge feathering and eliminates the need for multiple masks Bendable Footage and Comps in 3D A step toward true sophisticated 3D, After Effects CS6 now allows geometry modification of sub-comps, footage clips, solid layers and images.

Simply convert any clip or comp to a 3D layer and you have more 3D options such as Geometry and advanced Material capabilities. When you convert a text or shape layer to a 3D layer, your Geometry options are different that with sub-comps, footage, image and solid layers. You now have the ability to adjust the extrusion depth and bevel style and depth. Which also means that when you convert the Shape layer to 3D you can extrude and bevel the layer.

Of course all of the same 3D characteristics that apply to extruded text layers are also available for extruded Shape layers. The process is easy and semi-automated, when you simply apply the Tracker to your footage and allow it to analyze it. You then select either a triangulation of tracked points with the target by hovering over the processed scene with your cursor or select multiple points to align the target up with the plane you are trying to track to.

Then simply right-click the target to create 3D camera and text, solid, null or shadow catcher and light layers. You can extrude your text and add additional lights to enhance your scene as appropriate.

It also reserves them when you save your project or make layers visible or hide and return. Jeff Foster is a published author of several computer technology, animation and video production VFX books and videos. Foster has been producing and providing training for traditional and digital images, photography, illustration, motion graphics and special effects for DV and Film for over 20 years. Some of his clients include: You can learn more on his blog at https: If not, sign up now and get the CS6 Superguide for free.

Jul 5, - In this course, author Ian Robinson introduces Adobe After Effects CS6 and the world of animation, effects, and compositing. Chapter 1. After Effects CS6 has a brand new raytraced 3D rendering engine built on NVIDIA OptiX technology. The engine lets you conjure up fantastic imagery that you. Feb 27, - Download Gratis Adobe After Effects CS6 Full Version - Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 merupakan Software video editor yang berbasis timeline.

After effects cs 6

Shares Our Verdict The Global Performance Cache is amazing, as it basically means that you have much more power to experiment with effects without waiting around for the rendering of your PC to catch up. As such it's worth, to a deadline-conscious compositor at least, the cost of an upgrade - or Creative Cloud subscription- in itself. The 3D camera tracker and ray tracer renderer are also very welcome additions, probably the Wow features in this release, though it has to be said we have a soft spot for the Illustrator integration too. Variable mask feathering has been long requested by the AE faithful, so that patience has been finally rewarded. Having sung the praises of After Effects CS6, there were things we weren't so keen on. This may be problematic for those on a MacBook Pro or Windows laptop.


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