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Subscribe Adobe has just made a big change to the version availability and usage of its creative software products, both for CC and CS applications… Since the advent of Creative Cloud in , subscribers have been able to use any version of the CC products that has ever been released. Some customers use prior versions due to compatibility with evolving system requirements, or because co-workers have standardized on the same earlier release. However, effective immediately, Adobe has completely discontinued certain older versions of Creative Cloud apps and as a result, under the terms of the licensing agreement, subscribers are no longer licensed to use them. You will continue to receive all the value that Creative Cloud has to offer, but with more advanced features and capabilities, critical bug fixes, and security updates. For these reasons we recommend all customers use the latest release of our Creative Cloud applications.

97 rows · Adobe Creative Cloud is the successor to Creative Suite. It is based on a software as a . About: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software is the free global standard for reliably viewing, printing, and commenting on PDF documents. And now, it's connected to the Adobe Document Cloud − making it easier than ever to work across computers and mobile devices. Aug 09,  · Adobe makes industry standard design programs. But it also offers high-quality software and apps that are free. Here are the top five Adobe tools that are all free.

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Update all your apps at once Applies to: Adobe Creative Cloud Use the Creative Cloud desktop app to update all your apps to the latest versions.

You can update installed apps automatically, manually, or all at once. Keep your apps updated automatically The Creative Cloud desktop app can keep your apps updated automatically as soon as new versions are released. You can also control auto-updates for individual apps.

Previous versions are uninstalled by default but you can opt to keep them using the Advanced options. Open the Creative Cloud desktop app. Click the icon in your Windows taskbar or the macOS menu bar. Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the Creative Cloud desktop app. Does your screen look different? Click the Apps tab. Then set auto-update for individual apps or turn off auto-update to set the behavior for all apps.

If Auto-update is off, turn it on to see the settings for individual apps. Optional Set Advanced options for individual apps if you don't want to retain your previous settings or want to keep the previous version installed.

When finished, click Done. Your apps are automatically updated as new versions become available. Using a plug-in? If you've installed third-party plug-ins, they may not work with the latest version of the apps. Contact your plug-in vendor for information about compatibility and updates.

Manually check for latest updates If auto-update is not enabled, you can retrieve the latest updates for your Creative Cloud apps without waiting for the Creative Cloud desktop app to notify you. Click the icon in the Windows taskbar or the macOS menu bar. In the left pane of the Apps tab, click Updates. Click the More actions icon. Check for updates Update all your apps at once If auto-update is not enabled, you can manually update all your apps at once. When you update your apps, preferences and settings are migrated to the new version.

The previous versions of the apps are uninstalled. You can use the Advanced options to change these default settings. Save your work and close all Adobe apps before you begin. If Adobe apps are open, you may receive a warning to close them.

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