Abbyy finereader 9.0 professional edition price

Abbyy finereader 9.0 professional edition

Wednesday, March 12, Abbyy Finereader 9. JPG file that we downloaded online. Once the software program exported the text to some file format, there were to go out to Windows Explorer to be able to open the files — the software program doesn't do it for you personally. This means there were to find all of them. Fortunately, the files were located on our desktop. I use FineReader together having a scanner to practically eliminate paper from playing, making it hugely far more convenient to store and also retrieve what We need.

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Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions. This application is designed for converting document scans into editable texts. This is a powerful yet easy-to-use OCR application that delivers superior accuracy in converting almost any type of documents, including various office documents, tables and spreadsheets, magazine articles, books, and even faxes and digital photographs.

To update your FineReader 9. Disable the add-in in MS Office applications: To turn down the integration, please, uncheck the relevant box What characteristics should my computer have to be able to run FineReader 9.

How to set up and use a scanner properly? Use the scanner driver dialog box to select scanning options. The appearance of the dialog box and a description of its elements should be available in the documentation accompanying your scanner. In general, observe the following guidelines: Make sure that your scanner is connected properly and switched on. Consult your scanner's documentation to ensure it is set up correctly.

Be sure to install the software provided with your scanner. Some scanner models must be switched on before you power up the computer. Place your documents face down on the scanner, making sure they are properly adjusted. Skewed images may be converted incorrectly. Printed documents are best scanned in grayscale at dpi. Conversion quality depends on the quality of the source document and scanning parameters. Poor image quality may have an adverse effect on the quality of conversion.

Be sure to select the scanning parameters appropriate for your document. Set up your scanner manually. Go to File menu and choose Select Scanner. Check the scanner driver using a third-party application. If you are unable to scan after setting up the scanner driver via Select Scanner see step 1 , the problem is most likely with your scanner driver.

To test the scanner driver, use any other third-party application not the program supplied with the scanner. Does the quality of the original have a great impact on the results? It does. For instance, a poor fax copy can cause recognition problems, as well as a low-contrast scan or a document image that has a lot of speckles on it. Skewed scans and speckled images will make your OCR program work harder and may increase a number of errors.

How can I improve the quality of scanned images? Selecting the Right Resolution The quality of conversion is affected by scanning resolution. Poor quality scans may produce inferior results. Recommended scanning resolution is dpi. Very high resolution settings over dpi result in greater recognition and conversion times without any noticeable increase in recognition quality.

Very low resolution settings below dpi may adversely affect the quality of recognition and conversion. Tuning Brightness Scanned images must be legible. Wrong brightness settings may adversely affect the quality of recognition and conversion. For languages with dictionary support you may use the FineReader spell-checking system.

I cannot scan or open multiple pages. I recognized text using FineReader 9. If recognition results contain a lot of mistakes, try one of the following: Change scanning brightness: If the image letters are smudged, stuck together or dark increase brightness i. If the image letters are torn or light and thin, decrease brightness i.

Set up scanning resolution: Select dpi for texts in 10pt fonts or lager. Select dpi for texts 9pt fonts or smaller. Make sure you have selected the right recognition language in the Language menu If you see that a table appears as simple text without table formatting or that a part of a picture is represented as text etc, FineReader 9. For maximum recognition quality, specify color pictures as Picture blocks.

Almost any. Why does formatting of output documents differ from the original? There are some cases where FineReader 9. It is important to mark blocks as appropriate according to the original document. When recognizing a document, the program attempts to detect the following areas on the image: The areas are enclosed in color frames, each area type having its own color.

Each area is numbered and these numbers determine the order of navigation. To select an area manually: Draw Text Area. The program will convert this area into text. Draw Picture Area. The program will save this area as a picture. Draw Table Area. The program will reproduce the table contained in this area. Use your mouse to draw a frame around an area.

You cannot edit text directly in FineReader 9.


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